HAUSER Foundation as the institution’s first act, created a long-term solution to help the upcoming geniuses, the HAUSER Music Scholarship.

HAUSER Foundation was designed to help young people all over the world overcome any kind of borders or barriers in order to reach their full potential by establishing supportive educational activities and programs, creating partnerships within communities, and by offering assistance in underprivileged areas where governmental programs do not exist.

“Art makes our life easier. We have to secure the future to make it as colourful as we can keep it, because art is music is like medicine, it helps people to get through their trouble.” – express his feelings the founder, HAUSER.

With the help, the foundation creates a better future for those who are in need. HAUSER Music Foundation will be giving financial aid, creating and supporting projects with the goal above, education, organizing cultural and free-time activities in focus.

Those who applied and were accepted by the deciding members of the board, will be helped by instruments, programs, education.

Be part of the future.

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