For as long as I can remember, I have always understood that I had a mission and, that part of my mission was to share music with the world. As a very little boy and from the moment that I heard Camille Saint-Saëns’ piece, “The Swan,” from Carnival of the Animals, I felt the sensation of music running through my body in a way that can only be described as fateful. I experienced a kind of electricity, and despite my young age, I knew right away that I had to play that music and carry the intrinsic message of its beauty into the world.

Looking back, I consider myself to have been very lucky. I had a mother that understood my innate need to express myself, whether it was through art, as I was also a painter for a while, or later, when I ultimately decided to dedicate myself to the cello. Though there were no “child-sized cellos” available to me in my hometown of Pula, Croatia, my mother helped me to pursue my passion and she worked closely with the local school administration to establish a music department with a cello teaching division. Eventually, I was given a small cello that allowed me to realize my musical instincts and my dream. Of course, the rest of that is history, for there has never been a day that I have been without a cello nor without the ability to make music since.

Though it is now nearly three decades later, I carry this story in my heart and consider myself very fortunate – both to have lived in a world open to music of all kinds and, to have had a family and an environment that could support my vision. As we know, this is not always possible and for many children in all corners of the world, be they singers or instrumentalists, poets, painters and dreamers their passions and their instincts are limited. The reasons for their challenges may be varied yet almost always, they are rooted in the common themes of political, financial or practical deprivation.

I believe in a world that provides opportunity for these children to pursue their dreams; to have the same chance that I did to explore my own creative instincts. For this reason, I have created HAUSER Music Foundation – an organization that will provide support to young people around the globe by giving them the chance to make this a better planet through the magic of music and art. Whether they are without instruments or without water, without families, music teachers, a paint brush, a blank canvas or basic artistic freedom, we will be here to provide guidance and support because one never knows when or where the next great talent will be born.

I only know that there will be one.

HAUSER Music Foundation will be here for the one and for the many.


We are constantly working on the brighter future. In our belief, art can change anything and make our world better. Do not let anything pass you and be part of our team by supporting the geniuses of the upcoming generations.

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