HAUSER Music Foundation was created to secure the future of next generations of artists. While the main purpose is to provide the best circumstances and possibilities, HAUSER, the founder of the institution will also personally help the upcoming geniuses. 

HAUSER Music Foundation was founded to empower young people to fill our world with spirit and hope. As HAUSER believes “art is medicine to people’s struggles, thus we are responsible for our and the next generation’s future”.

The mission is to help young people all over the world overcome any kind of barriers in order to reach their full potential. We do this by establishing supportive educational activities and programs, creating partnerships within communities, and by offering assistance in underprivileged areas where governmental programs do not exist.

  1. Create and support innovative educational programs and activities that would not otherwise be achievable through available public funds.
  2. Develop partnerships within underprivileged communities to provide the resources necessary to ensure ongoing support for the Foundation’s mission.
  3. Promote and support talented young people around the globe and help them overcome intrinsic hardships inhibiting their full artistic potential (political, environmental, and financial).

Help us to help them, and together, make our and the later era’s future more colourful and full of positive vibes.

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